Apple to Help Pay Costs of Improving Foxconn Factories

For those, still confused by Apple’s success, think about business decisions like the two described below as well as similar ones, like, building facilities in conjunction with or financing construction of its manufacturers development in return for exclusivity or supply preferences. This is classic Tim Cook and in his speciality just as innovative , deceptively simple and as courageous as Steve’s gift for product design. At Apple to ” Think Different ” is ingrained in its DNA. tv

by Joanna Stern, May 10th 2012

In late March, Apple’s Foxconn supplier in China promised to reduce workers’ hours and stabilize their pay in response to the Fair Labor Association’s audit of the company. Apple supported the decisions, and in a statement released at the time said it shared the “goal of improving lives and raising the bar for manufacturing companies everywhere.”

Today, it is being reported that Apple and Foxconn will share the costs to make the sweeping changes to the factories and assembly lines. Foxconn CEO Terry Gou told reporters, including Reuters, in China that Apple “sees this as a competitive strength along with us, and so we will split the initial costs.”