Class Assignment : Solving the iPad Mini Dilemma using Apple’s " Think Different" Philosophy

Assignment : Solving the iPad Mini Dilemma using Apple’s “Think Different” Philosophy

Everyday , everywhere all we are hearing are news reports, rumors and blogs about the likelihood of Apple releasing a 7 ” tablet and about “what it will be” , “should it be” and can it even be done. So we decided to take a look at this topic. I think you’ll find some surprising observations.
Please understand we are not predicting that Apple will release a smaller form factor tablet, even sightings of an Apple prototype is not unusual. In fact it is in Apple’s nature to research and field test any viable product in their orbit. Our analysis merely serves to illustrate how Apple would historically make a decision concerning this product type.

Let us try applying Apple Logic here, using Apple’s patented Think Different ™ Philosophy to see how they would do it.

Apple Business 101 Assignment 1/ 2012

Demonstrate how Apple Inc. would solve the stated Dilemma using it’s patented business Philosophy, please give detailed reasonings and evidence to support your answer

Here is the problem stated:

On one hand we have Steve Job’s detailing quite clearly that Apple had tested and researched different size tablets and determined that the 7″ tablet was just not right , too small for content consumption, to big to carry in your pocket. Apple might just be planting stories to weed out leakers from within their mist? After all Amazon freely admits that their Fire tablet cost them more to produce then sell. Amazon’s theory of content and sales lock in benefit, is different then that of Apple’s and as of yet , to be proved. Would Apple chance introducing a new display size and hope the millions of developers would willing rewrite code and fragment their product line. A fault Apple accuses its competitor of.
Not very likely say the mini iPad nay sayers.
Two hands are better than one.

In Favor
On the other hand we’re seeing creditable sources reporting sightings of 7″ or 8″ Apple tablet prototypes in the wild or hearing from manufacturers are seeing orders for that size from Apple. Was Steve right? Perhaps he was being a tad bit disingenuous? Knowing that Apple had locked supply of 9.7 screens & that the only tablets that could be produced and even come near Apple’s price point in 2011 would be 7″ form factor. Steve thought he might cast the Malocchio (Look it up) on that form factor for good measure in an effort to gain Apple even more momentum. Or how bout those amazing reports out of Samsung, Apple’s trusted and loyal partner that Apple is indeed releasing a 7.85″ iPad in September 2012. Wall Street demands, that Apple answer the challenge presented from Amazon who’s 7″ Fire is soooooo successful that Apple must crush them or risk losing a content war, say the proponents of the iPad Mini.

Who’s right , Who’s wrong ?
Can both schools of thought be right , If so , Does that compute?

You will have till September 20th, 2012 to complete this assignment.
Good Luck!!!

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By utilizing Apple’s patented Think Different Philosophy we can safely conclude that there exists a new lucrative market for Apple to dominate
Apple will release a 7.85″ tablet but it will not be an iPad, it will be…..A 7 – 7.85″ iPad Touch, Ala Sony Vita, aimed right at the heart of the gaming industry!

Brilliant !!! If we don’t say so ourselves

Here’s how applying Apple’s award-winning Think Different philosophy solved this dilemma

Factors considered for Apple releasing an iPad Touch line of products

  • Releasing a 7.85” iPad Touch will provide Steve with plausible deniability
  • A 7.85″ screen will work, do the Math.**
  • Marketing an iPod tablet to children who will not have to “sand paper” their fingers, works
  • This can be done for a $249 – $299 price point*
  • The iPod touch needs a shot in the arm **(see chart)
  • Apple recently hired a sh-t load of gaming talent***
  • Gamers usually move up to window machines read (halo)
  • Apple only enters a market when they can own it.
  • An iPad Touch will not cannibalize iPad sales*
  • Apple will kick Amazon right in the bollocks and protect its content sales*
  • Apple will produce this baby with a retina display and a A5 chip*
  • Apple will Market this to Moms looking for the benefits of an iPad *
  • An iPod still plays music & video* (content, content, content)
  • Apple could incorporate better sound
  • Apple will market to schools looking for a less expensive e-book reader*
  • Apple will create a line of accessories i.e.: docks, game controls and different colored sport grips etc.
  • Apple will blow Christmas Sales out of the water
  • The rumors neatly fall into place

*These items will negatively affect Apple sales of its larger iPad if Apple releases this product as an iPad Mini

Facts & Figures

**Growth for 2QTR 2012 , note iPod decline
• 35.1 million iPhone units, 88% unit growth YOY
• 11.8 million iPad units, 151% unit growth YOY
• 7.7 million iPod units, 15% unit decline YOY
• 4.00 million Mac units, 7% unit growth YOY

On iPad mini could also be iPod 

Tim Cook on Gaming Console from D10 via Macworld