My Wish list for IOS 6, It’s that time of year ! How am I doing so Far? (Updated) 3 out of 10

It would appear that we are at a reaching point of useful new features in IOS. At least ones I can name off the top of my head, However with all new technology we can not predict what Apple or other parties have dreamed up. For now this is my wish list for IOS 6. Not necessarily in order of priority order. tv

Please fill the comments with your ideas! I will publish them and credit you in an upcoming post tv

  1. Junk Mail Control (I know theoretically it should not need it , but a lot still gets thru).    No 
  2. Group Email (oh do I need a good group email function for address book)  No 
  3. More control of address book functions (like manipulation of contacts into groups)  No 
  4. NFC for Electronic Payments (let’s get started with it tied to iTunes account).  Yes, Passport
  5. Tab key on the keyboard (what’s up with that).   Maybe
  6. APIs for the notification center, (I miss Weather and Stocks in my iPad notification center) No
  7. Ability to delete Apple apps that are no longer used (some of these Apple needs like address book but others like stocks they do not).  No 
  8. Signatures, multiple. Yes!!!
  9. rebirth of the bounce feature in mail (why did they drop that anyway). No 
  10. Ability to attach files and photos from within an email. Yes!!!
Over all Apple only hit 3 out my 10 wishes for IOS 6, Not Great

For every $1 Google spends lobbying, Apple spends 10¢

How’s that “Don’t be evil” mantra working for you Larry?  Maybe it’s time for a change , how bout this, “When it gets tough to compete, Cheat!” it is worth noting here that for all the years Apple has been in Business it has always relied on competing fairly , in contrast, in Google’s short existence it has in hippie vernacular “sold out” relying on persuading government officials to discombobulate the playing field to their advantage. In Larry’s reorganization efforts he should consider jettisoning all of Eric’s self destructive initiatives.  tv

by Philip Elmer-DeWitt, tech.fortune.cnn.comMay 10th 2012
Is that really why Apple has become, per Politico, a “punching bag” for lawmakers?

FORTUNE — I might feel differently about Apple’s D.C. Lobbying Effort Has Yet to Ripen, the 1,450-word piece posted on Politico Wednesday, if I hadn’t just listened to Take the Money and Run for Office, This America Life’s brilliant hour-long expose of how Washington, D.C., influence peddling really works.

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Why a Samsung / Tizen deal may be the First Shot Fired in WW III

Why Samsung might be interested in the Tizen OS: tv

Tizen is an open source, standards-based software platform supported by leading mobile operators, device manufacturers, and silicon suppliers for multiple device categories, including smartphones, tablets, netbooks, in-vehicle infotainment devices, smart TVs, and more. Tizen offers an innovative operating system, applications, and a user experience that consumers can take from device to device

Simple : Samsung believes that their, hardware, will sell their phones! tv

Samsung now understands that it is at the mercy of Google’s Android flubs, under attack from one of their largest customers Apple, sees a chance to own the asian market. Dropping Android would solve all their problems. If not for the fact that Microsoft poses the same threat as Google minus the lawsuits they might even move to Windows Phone. tv

The equivalent of WWIII will begin with the Pacific Rim countries developing or uniting behind one operating system not produced in the west. tv

Update 8/6/2013
Samsung takes more steps towards Tizen


Samsung loses $10 billion market value on Apple order report

read about new efforts to develop an independent OS

and here we Go

Microsoft & HP to build the Next PC, One hundred years since the sinking of the Titanic , Future Headline , Read it Now

One hundred years since the sinking of the Titanic
Microsoft Teams up with HP to build the Next PC.

I believe deep discussions and planning are already underway. Microsoft will either purchase HP’s computer hardware division outright or, preferably, work a deal similar to the one created with Nokia.The two companies will collaborate to build a line of super slick PCs designed by Microsoft and built and distributed by HP.

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Flinch or Flex: Larry Page’s Googlerola Moment

For those of you who have been reading or watching news reports covering the new Google acquisition of Motorola Mobility and scratching your heads trying to sort this out.

Welcome to the club!
This monumental acquisition appears to be either a stroke of genius or a gigantic blunder by Google’s new man in charge co/founder Larry Page? Continue reading “Flinch or Flex: Larry Page’s Googlerola Moment” »