Where is Apple headed with Beats Music, New HD iPod, DJs, New Sattelite Delivery Sevice ?


UPDATE 4 8/4/2015  This is what I am talking about with Radio starting to expand its channels Click Here 

UPDATE 3  7/15/2015: Apple introduce updated iPod line.  Well I feel vindicated, barely,  although Apple did finally update its iPod line, they have not chosen to increased its screen size to better facilitate gaming nor have they increased its audio quality along the lines of Pono. Both moves I believed would have reinvigorated the line , the Apple Music brand and disrupted the gaming market. Oh Well 😎

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UPDATE 2 7/3/2015: Wait a minute maybe I was right at least about a new iPod , hopefully with HD ability Check out this post.

UPDATE: I was mostly wrong for now , I believe my thoughts for a new HD iPod were wrong if not I’m sure Appke would have introduced it with the new Music unveiling. However I believe my concept of a DJ curated service will be incorporated not only to music but news as well.


Streaming music services are beginning to upend the Music industry. Stung by services like Pandora , iTunes Radio, Rdio and others, music business executives see this a positive development and a possible path to reinvigorate the industry. I have my own thoughts on this but more on that later *

Apple, who many credit with saving the Music business during the Napster days has seen a slow decline in iTunes sales last year. Apple famous for not spending money buying technology they believe they can do better spent roughly three billion dollars or triple the dollars they have ever spent on an acquisition buying Beats Music service. Why ?

Apple seems to have fallen behind other subscription services ? Why is it taking so long for Apple to launch? Apple long known for following the beat of its own drummer is once again taking their sweet time until they feel they have it right. After many years as experts in music , Apple understands that the model of incorporating algorithms to choose music for listeners does not encourage listeners to purchase or in this new model, subscribe.
I believe Apple has come up with a model that harkens back to the heyday of the music business, I predict they will reintroduce the DJ.

By combining the curation by respected music personalities with a modern digital delivery service they are betting this will be the key to invigorating the industry.

This all leads to another question. Why does Apple care about the Music business ? Beside music being in Apple’s DNA .

Maybe they intend to introduce a new iPod with higher quality Pono type experience ! Maybe a new HD iPod is in the works ready to be displayed along with this new Music Service that will introduce a higher quality Music level, it would certainly revitalize iPod sales with something not available on customers phones.

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Why is Apple involved in purchasing satellites ?

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When Apple bought Beats , they were not buying just a headphone business, they were not buying a streaming music service , both of which they could of been done in house.

I believe they were actually buying was the good will and deep industry contacts of its co-owners Jimmy Iovine and Dr.Dre to oversee the formation of a new Music Network,one reminiscent of the great radio stations of old, using DJs to introduce listeners to new music and fill in with color commentary. Apple believes that DJs will keep listeners loyal and engaged. 

See The Verge’s report here on DJ Zane Lowe

Some pundits are calling for Apple to buy Sirius however looking at Sirius XMs current market value of about twenty one billion and their long term contracts with some very questionable DJs along with its outdated technology Apple believes they can do it better and for less. 

Apple known for its methodical pace has confidence that their vision as a winning strategy and has no concerns about its rivals plan.

* my humble opinion is that for the time being Music has seen its hey day and programmers are the new rock stars , things change and come around but until a new Beatles or Elvis comes around we have seen the best and brightest stars.