Apple and IBM partnering, Karma ? Will Apple and Microsoft’s relationship come full circle?

I love when current events have links to past events and coincide with history it’s like putting together a karmic puzzle. With the recent announcement that IBM and Apple will be collaborating on bringing IOS to IBM’s enterprise clients we have a great example of how Karma works.


This partnership should not surprise anyone , IBM’s relationship with Microsoft was not a pleasant experience while their business dealings with Apple have always been very professional. If you have been following technology as closely as I have for the last thirty years you probably remember that Microsoft originally grew by developing software at the behest of Apple Computer.

Microsoft started by developing Word Processors and Spreadsheets for the Macintosh Platform (see the 1983 video of Apple Sales Conference presentation in which Bill Gates and others play suitors to Apple’s Macintosh business.

Back then Microsoft was unbelievably lucky in landing the contract for the new IBM PC disk operating system. They were cunning enough in taking advantage of another developers (cpm) incredible stupidity. Apple for the most part had no problem with Microsoft’s good fortune. The bad blood between the two developed later when a then soulless and power crazed Microsoft ( look to the justice department censure of Microsoft following this period for a definition of soulless ) stole Apple’s new OS UI for their windows based operating system. Like Samsung of today as a trusted partner Microsoft was given secret code to enhance their ability in building a product for their loyal client Apple. Like Samsung they took advantage of that trust and contrary to their fiduciary responsibility they absconded with trusted information to use against their client. Steve became furious and immediately went to the matt hitting Microsoft with a gigantic lawsuit. A year later Apple’s then CEO John Scully the man who orchestrated Steve Jobs ouster quickly settled lawsuits with Microsoft therefore allowing Microsoft to steal their windows version of Apples OS. This product became Windows OS. I predict that this era will be later be known as dark ages of the computer industry setting back advancement by fifteen years. In my heart of hearts I am sure Scully was compensated for his actions. I’m pretty sure Steve jobs felt the same way.

After solidifying their power Microsoft pushed IBM out of the way by licensing the OS that IBM paid them for to other third party manufacturers. Soon after Microsoft began going after IBMs clients. IBM desperately fought back by internally developing what many feel was a superior operating system to Microsoft’s their OS2. From that point on Microsoft and IBM became competitors. The final result of those battles was IBM removing themselves from the PC market and dedicating itself to enterprise solutions. Along the way the partnered with Apple on at least three initiatives. One could argue that they have more in common with Apple then with Microsoft.

In one of those weird Karmic moments Google would do to Apple what Microsoft did to Apple. Eric Schmidt would use his trusted position on a Apple’s B.O.D. to use his position of trust to back. Stab Apple much the way Bill Gates did to both IBM and Apple. This time Steve was there to fight back.

This new alliance announce by Tim a Cook once again enters familiar territory. Microsoft understanding that their business model of selling the OS and letting third party manufacturers build the hardware is ending. Steve Ballmer’s negligence has cost them dearly. Although they are trying to compete for the mobile business by introducing a nice modern operating system for a Windows phone so far it has been a story of too little too late. When they turn to look back over there shoulder to enterprise software to save the day much the way IBM has successfully done. They come face to face with smiling Tim Cook.

So now we see Microsoft offering Microsoft Office released on Apple’s IOS before their own line of tablets. Once again maybe too little too late.
Apple would like to thank Steve Ballmer (Also known as Mr. Too little Too late) for the opportunity provided them though his undeserved egotistic leadership. Steve Jobs & Apple were given a sliver size opportunity to catch up and blow past the boys from Redwood.

I can guarantee you if Steve is watching from somewhere there is a great big smile on his face and a wink for Tim Cook.