Microsoft & HP to build the Next PC, One hundred years since the sinking of the Titanic , Future Headline , Read it Now

One hundred years since the sinking of the Titanic Microsoft Teams up with HP to build the Next PC. I believe deep discussions and planning are already underway. Microsoft will either purchase HP’s computer hardware division outright or, preferably, work … Continue reading

Microsoft has been given another Opportunity. Will Santay go where Ballmer feared to tread ?

  In February 2012 I published a post urging Microsoft to purchase or exclusively collaborate with HP for control of their computer manufacturing business, at the time HP was breaking itself up to concentrate on following IBM into the enterprise business … Continue reading

Apple Watch is this its Time ? Mr. Form and Mr. Function step in the ring

After an unprecedented period of development, research and market preparation Apple with todays introduction of Apple Watch has positioned it self to once again to disrupt an industry. As Muhammad Ali loved to shout “They Shook up the World”. This … Continue reading

Steve Jobs unveils “One More Thing ” @ the 2014 WWDC, finally able to RIP

On Monday June 2nd,  Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. unveiled what will most likely become his Greatest Product to date.  Although passing away almost three years ago , Steve was able to unveil “One More Thing” Tim Cook’s Apple  Like many of … Continue reading

Windows/ Metro 8, Microsoft’s desperate strategy for Survival, Revealed!

“Anyone with any computer experience knows this OS is a dud, a red herring in drag. Microsoft however seems to be betting that their clients will not look too closely” Sigmund Freud and the sinking of the Titanic Although Microsoft … Continue reading