For every $1 Google spends lobbying, Apple spends 10¢

How’s that “Don’t be evil” mantra working for you Larry?  Maybe it’s time for a change , how bout this, “When it gets tough to compete, Cheat!” it is worth noting here that for all the years Apple has been in Business it has always relied on competing fairly , in contrast, in Google’s short existence it has in hippie vernacular “sold out” relying on persuading government officials to discombobulate the playing field to their advantage. In Larry’s reorganization efforts he should consider jettisoning all of Eric’s self destructive initiatives.  tv

by Philip Elmer-DeWitt, tech.fortune.cnn.comMay 10th 2012
Is that really why Apple has become, per Politico, a “punching bag” for lawmakers?

FORTUNE — I might feel differently about Apple’s D.C. Lobbying Effort Has Yet to Ripen, the 1,450-word piece posted on Politico Wednesday, if I hadn’t just listened to Take the Money and Run for Office, This America Life’s brilliant hour-long expose of how Washington, D.C., influence peddling really works.

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